Spiritual Healer in Mumbai

Spiritual Healer in Mumbai

About Radiant Peace Holistic center

The Radiant Peace Holistic Centre is a well-known, reliable source of holistic therapy as an alternative medicine. The healing of the mind, body, and soul is sparked by us. Our goals go well beyond only providing healthcare. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness as well as customer satisfaction serve as metrics for our success.
We offer counselling, courses, therapies, and other medical services.
The Radiant Peace Holistic Centre promotes emotional, bodily, and spiritual well-being to restore entire health. It will be a person-centred, all-encompassing treatment procedure with a mind-body wellness component.

Our Services

Best Reiki Healer in Mumbai

Candle Healing

Since the beginning of time, people have used candles for a variety of purposes, including healing, meditation, and worship.

Best Reiki Healer in Mumbai

Angelic Reiki

It is a serene and potent healing technique that utilizes the highest angelic energies, compassion, and knowledge to heal.

Best Reiki Healer in Mumbai

Akashic Reading

the enigmatic “energy records” of all the cosmic occurrences that have ever occurred, are occurring  and will occur.

Best Reiki Healer in Mumbai

5d Healing

Negative energy matrices, barriers, and patterns can all be removed with the help of very delicate and powerful energy.

Best Reiki Healer in Mumbai

Dowsing Healing

Dowsing makes use of spiritual power. This technique makes use of a tool called a divining rod that finds minerals, water,

Best Reiki Healer in Mumbai

Past Life Therapist

A technique called past life regression makes an effort to employ hypnosis to retrieve memories from earlier incarnations.

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Spiritual Healer in Mumbai

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What Our Customers Say

Very positive place, ramila jee is the best healer and she has a very positive aura it's an amazing feeling to share this she helped me on my very bad days. I m very grateful I met her... Thank you so much Camila jee for your kind love & very positive healing

meena yadav

Best Reiki Healer! Mrs Ramila Bhanushali is a great and humble person who is a great healer. She also does distant healing too. She is a great teacher too if you’re looking to learn about healing. One of the best reiki healers and teachers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area.

Vidhi Bhanushali

I m from Navi Mumbai. Had the opportunity to take healing from her. one of the best healers. Noble n Humble human being. I have also learned reiki n other modalities from Ramila Ji. Always ready to clear our doubts without any hesitancy.All the best Mam

Jayalakshmi Shenoy

I was fortunate to meet Ms. Romila Ji for healing and to learn Rekhi. She is one of the best healers, Teachers, and mentors. Her way of teaching is unique. Thank you for helping me heal and making me a person to heal me, family, and my friends. Ms. Ramila Ji is one of the best healers and coaches as well a person. Thank you, Ms. Romila Ji

Sangeeta Mittal